Metal Polishing is the smoothing of metal surfaces or rubbing to a high luster with a fine abrasive. The process can use a combination of methods to prepare a smooth and often reflective finished surface. Polishing is an important metal finishing process for many products and is generally accomplished with an abrasive belt, grinding wheel, setup wheel, or other abrasive media.

The buffing is part of the polishing process, but can be stopped at certain stages to ensure the look  of the metal either dull or highly polished to look like chrome.

Powder coating
Powder coating adds the pleasing element of color to your product, while providing tenacious protection.

Ceramic Coating
Ceramic coating is the most popular kind of coating on the market today. This type of coating (metallic ceramic) is used by more companies and manufacturers than any other material. It is extremely popular on exhaust systems, where the high luster finish provides a very attractive, durable surface.

We provide metal restoration services for contractors, collectors, designers, re builders, prototyping and private individuals, high-tech industry, engineers, classic auto enthusiasts and more.

Best Metal Polishing. can polish any type of metal. we can polish several types of metals, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper and magnesium. We do custom metal polishing also. We are able to polish both fabricated and pre-fabricated items to your specifications.


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