In addition to our Metal Polishing services, Best Metal Polishing. can also restore your classic car, or customize it to your dreams. From Ferraris to Bugs, Best Metal Polishing has staff that is knowledgeable and skilled at restoring your vintage car. Best Metal Polishing is able to do ground up restoration. In other words, we are able to completely disassemble the car, including taking the body off of the frame.

We will strip, straighten, and if needed, repair the frame. We will also strip, modify, repair, and complete body work on the body. Vehicle refinishing will be done according to the customer’s specifications. The car is then reassembled, polished and waxed. Please come by to talk with us about your car restoration project. Some of the items Best Metal Polishing can help with include:

* Rust and water damage repair
* Panel replacement
* Body preparation and painting
* Customization
* Updating steering and suspension

1965 Corvette
1969 Camero

455 Pontiac EFI  704 HP/ 954 HP with Nitrous